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This blog is full of tips, information and behind the scenes stories. I love serving my community with images that are true to the personality of the senior! So you get a peek at what tools I use to help my seniors and headshot clients feel comfortable so they get the outcome they want.

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3 Reasons You Should Get Prints Through Your Photographer

October 31, 2022

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I always disliked being forced to buy a “package of prints” from the companies that took my children’s photos and this was before digital cameras. Then the digital cameras came out which changed photography. I couldn’t wait to print out my digital image at my local commercial lab. I would see the image in the camera after I took it but when I had the images printed at a local 1-hour commercial lab, it didn’t look the same. Now I’m a professional family, senior and branding photographer and I’m going to tell you what I learned about the quality of prints and why you should always print through your photographer.


This is the most important reason to print through your photographer. Have you ever printed at Costco, Shutterfly, Walgreen’s or Target and the prints don’t look like what is on your screen? That is because each lab is different, and those consumer labs cannot match the color profile that you see in your screen. Those prints will look darker, muddier, and blurry compared to your actual photo.

I send in test prints to the labs that I work with to make sure their color profiles are matched with mine and their printers are the highest quality with trained professionals that prints all day long and know what they’re doing. I look over each image and prepare it before it goes to the lab so it looks its best in whatever size or type of artwork you ordered. The lab also takes time to look at your prints & artwork before sending them to you to make sure they look amazing! So you have a team of experts investing time to make sure you have the best that will look stunning on your wall or in an album, and will last through time. Commercial labs have regular employees of the store who are not trained photo specialists that just give you whatever is automatically printed on their low-quality machines.

Accordion Mini Album with magnetic closure!


Your photographer can help you decide what type of print and how to display it. The print lab that I work with only works with photographers, so they offer products you cannot get anywhere else, like linen or leather album covers, metallic papers, or keepsake boxes with your image on the cover. You can’t find these things on your own and your photographer offers this unique service.

Leather Album with Cameo Opening


You have invested time and money into your photo session-choosing the right outfits, finding a day that works for everyone to take pictures! Why let your images just sit on your computer and never get displayed? I will take care of the cropping so it is perfect for the size that you choose. Sometimes I can even change the orientation from landscape to portrait for that special frame you already have. The commercial labs don’t care how your prints come out, but I will make sure the quality and color are the best and the professional labs guarantee their work too! That’s comforting to know. Now all you have to do is choose your product and relax!!

I hope I helped you get excited about contacting your photographer to get the prints or artwork you need, for family and your home!

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