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This blog is full of tips, information and behind the scenes stories. I love serving my community with images that are true to the personality of the senior! So you get a peek at what tools I use to help my seniors and headshot clients feel comfortable so they get the outcome they want.

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What Should You Wear for Your Senior Photos?

November 1, 2022

High School Seniors


One of the most asked questions is “What should I wear during my senior portraits? So today we’re chatting about all things senior portraits for ladies!

The task of outfit coordination can be overwhelming, especially for senior girls! Right?! So many great outfit options but we totally want you to rock your senior session with wearing the right outfits!

Since every senior is different with unique hobbies, experiences and personalities, there isn’t a one rule or formula for creating a senior photo session. This is why I LOVE taking senior photos – it really gets my creative juices flowing.

If you want tips for senior guys, read the blog here:

Being a former teacher, I was naturally drawn to photographing families and seniors and when I started my photography business, I wanted to offer a special experience for the seniors – to really showcase their personalities.

It is important that you wear clothing that is comfortable, and your outfit selections should match your personality and your own personal style. If you are comfortable, your pictures will show that and you will much happier with the end result. Your makeup should not be drastically different and hiring a professional is the way to go! If you are seeing a professional for hair and makeup, communication is important so that you are satisfied with the result.

It’s important to know your location first and then plan the outfits in the next step. If an urban location is your jam, casual jeans and a hip or funky top will look great with this backdrop. Lots of seniors love the murals or graffiti background, which is super interesting and fun, so we bring along a solid t-shirt to compliment this type of background.

Many senior girls choose to do more than one outfit and usually it’s a dress and a casual outfit. Some like to include a t shirt announcing where their next path in life may be. If a dress sounds like an option for you, tight dresses will limit the pose options during your session, so a dress that is at least thigh length and has some volume makes for great portraits.

Layering is a great look as well and provides variety for your portraits. Adding props and/or a piece of clothing from your activities or sports is an excellent way to showcase the interests you had during high school. Accessories like hats, jewelry, or interesting boots is fun to include too!

Where do seniors shop for clothing locally? Sign up for my bimonthly emails for information and follow me on Instagram@karahendricksphotography to find out.

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