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This blog is full of tips, information and behind the scenes stories. I love serving my community with images that are true to the personality of the senior! So you get a peek at what tools I use to help my seniors and headshot clients feel comfortable so they get the outcome they want.

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April 3, 2023

High School Seniors


Whether you earned medals or just tried a new sport during your senior year, celebrating the hard work, dedication, and passion that you put into that sport is worth memorializing.

This Campo Verde Track athlete will remember all of the hard work to win these medals.

Usually senior photo sessions include multiple outfits and locations and even cap and gown so your pictures show what you were like in your senior year of high school. Senior pictures are about customizing your session to show how you are unique, so why not include the sports you participated in?

Studio photography has unlimited possibillites to create some interesting sports pictures.

There are a range of ways to photograph your sports pictures:

  1. Studio photography with a solid color background will help you stand out and the lighting can be controlled from light and bright to dark and moody. We can even add in some smoke for a dramatic effect!
  2. Just want to add a couple of props into your graduation photos while you’re on location? We can just snap a few pictures with a ball or change into a jersey.
  3. Since you get multiple locations in your creative senior pictures, we can shoot some sports pictures at your high school.
Your senior photos session can have multiple locations, including your own high school.

What types of sports pictures should you have photographed? Your photographer will have ideas on different poses and ways to show how important your sport is to you. There should be a variety of shots such as “close up” showing your jersey or equipment you may use, a “full body shot” to show the entire uniform including the shoes, and some photographers know how to capture action shots. Make sure you ask your photographer if they have ever shot sports in action and ask to see examples of their work. The camera set up for action shots and still portraits is completely different.

Add a sports action shot to your album of senior pictures.

At the end of your senior photo session, we will choose your favorite images and you get to purchase high quality products that will show case your achievements. An album is a great way to display all of the memories from your high school pictures – from your fun casual outfits to your sports pictures. Many seniors love the Heirloom Image Boxes, which is like an album but the pages are not bonded, so you can take out one of the cardboard mounted pictures and put it up on an easel, then change it out as you like!

However you decide to have your dream senior photo session, showcase your skills, passions and accomplishments – you won’t regret it!

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